Bird Nest Hair??

December 7, 2009

Today I was going through some of my old photographs and found these from a photoshoot I did of my roommate, Sarah. The idea was to create a birds nest out her hair. I thought the robins egg blue background really made the photographs pop. Would love to do another creative shoot like this soon. Any ideas? Want to collaborate? 



The golden hour is a photography term that refers to the most beautiful light of the day, this occurs during the first and last hour of sunlight, the light is always warm and illuminates the object being photographed. The light is always diffused just enough that there’s still  contrast but the light isn’t as harsh as it would be during mid-day. These photographs I took during the golden hour, as you can see, the images are radiant because of the unique light.

Christmas Time!

December 7, 2009

My younger brother, Conrad is 12 and loves to make short films. Check out the short film he made of our family putting up the christmas tree! He’s a very talented artist, he’s starting to take up photography too 🙂

Here’s the application for Students of the World. Truly the best experience!! This year’s team will consist of 10 students from around the U.S., you’ll spend a month in Austin Texas (awesome city!!) learn about the organization you’ll be documenting abroad, then you’ll spend the rest of the summer in a developing country. When you return you’ll edit your writings, photographs and short films to create awareness through the media for the organization.

Check out the website..make sure to view the University of Michigan Team:

Here’s the application:

(Use the National Team Application)

Please let me know if you apply so I can recommend you for the team, also, I’ll be available this weekend if you need help with the application.

Filming in a small village of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

November 23, 2009


After returning from Kenya last summer I had difficulty coming back to the  U.S., I felt guilty with the luxuries I was given as a child. 

The African girl in this image is 12 years old and just finished gathering wood for her school teacher..she has lived in the classroom since the 2008 election violence since her parents were killed. The image of me is from a vacation as a child. My biggest worry when I was 12 was what friend would want to play. This collage offers conversation on children in disadvantaged communities, if only we could pin point an answer to the solving this problem.

Poll of Student Photographers

November 18, 2009

As an art and design student focusing on photography, there’s lot to learn, and little time to cover it all. I’ll be graduating in May and feel there’s still so much more to learn about photography. I asked the senior photography students what they felt was the most necessary tools for a beginning photographers to get started to work in a professional direction:

1. It’s most important to know the settings of your camera and understand how to control your image completely.

2. It’s also extremely useful to understand light. Since Photography means ‘painting with light’ in latin, you’ll need to know how to work with light in your images, either changing the light direction or the camera direction to make the best image.

3. Natural light and staged light provide different white balance qualities, it’s important to learn about different white balance settings on your camera. This can help control if the image feels warm or cold.

4. ISO – This controls the graininess of your image and how much light is let in with every shot. The high the ISO, the more grain and more light.

5. Post-Production. It’s good to have an understanding of levels, and how to adjust the contrast of your photograph. Little finishing touches made in photoshop or other editing suites can make an image look very professional.

DSC_0471Kara and Brian were in the same kindergarten class but didn’t start dating until college. I met them at their elementary school to take their engagement photographs today, we had a great time using the playground as our background. I especially liked the old school feel of the architecture. I’ll update for more pictures next Monday.